Why should I use a company rather than hire a caregiver on my own?

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A: We could write pages explaining the reasons why home care companies are your best choice, but here are a few of the most important ones:
1) With a private caregiver, you need to do the proper screening and background checks. After you hire that person, you then become a supervisor, and it isn’t always easy!
2) When your private caregiver calls in sick or must head out of town to take care of a sick family member, you’re stuck finding a replacement or taking care of your loved one yourself. When you use a company, there are always back-up caregivers available.
3) Our caregivers are our employees, which means we pay all of their taxes and Worker’s Compensation. Quite a few caregivers are injured on the job, and the Bureau of Worker’s Comp can come to your loved one looking for compensation if your caregiver files a claim.
4) Our caregivers work under a care plan developed by an expert in the field, and they have a team of supervisors who keep a close eye on the level of care being provided. It takes a lot more coordination than people think. And to get the best care, you should involve professionals.

Most important, however, is the fact that when you choose Home Care Assistance, you are hiring an entire team of people who care. We’re there for the journey!


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