4 Reasons Seniors Neglect Hygiene

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When a senior begins to neglect their personal hygiene, their friends and family members may be hesitant to bring up such a delicate subject. Yet, a sudden lack of grooming can often mean that there is more going on than just a skipped shower or two. In addition to the serious problems that can arise from neglected hygiene such as poor oral health and skin rashes, caregivers should be aware of these 4 reasons behind a senior’s sudden lack of hygiene to minimize the risk for more serious problems.

  1. Social Isolation – Seniors who are home bound and experience isolation often begin to feel as though there is no reason to bathe and get dressed each day. For these seniors, a friendly check-in visit each day from a family member or familiar caregiver can help to increase their motivation for tending to their personal needs. Click here for information about hourly caregivers who can provide companionship to seniors at home, while also assisting with activities of daily living and personal care.
  2. Fear of Falling – The bathroom can be a frightening place for seniors who struggle with getting in and out of the shower, yet many will not ask for help due to embarrassment. If a senior is afraid of slipping, then adding handrails and slip-resistant mats near the shower can restore their confidence. Personal cleansing cloths can also offer a way for seniors to maintain their hygiene during times when they are experiencing anxiety regarding bathing.
  3. Pain and Discomfort – Arthritis and other health conditions that affect the joints and muscles can make it painful for a senior to complete many aspects of their personal hygiene routine. For instance, those who suffer from teeth and gum problems may suddenly stop caring for their dental needs. Anytime there is pain or discomfort hindering a senior from taking care of their health, these problems should be reported to a physician who can develop the appropriate treatment plan.
  4. Mobility Problems – As a senior advances in age, many ailments can interfere with their mobility. In these instances, it may be necessary to provide professional assistance from a caregiver who can encourage independence yet remain nearby in case a senior needs help with their hygiene. This way, seniors can continue to benefit emotionally and physically from proper hygiene without being held back by anxiety or discomfort. Learn more about the highly trained and compassionate home care professionals who provide senior care in Columbus.

If you are concerned about the personal hygiene and overall well-being for an aging parent or loved one, contact Home Care Assistance of Columbus and find out more about our personal care services. With the support of our experienced caregivers, you can enjoy peace of mind and your aging loved one can maintain their regular routines, independence and health and happiness. To speak with a Care Manager directly, call 614-481-8888 today.


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