Whiten Your Teeth, Boost Your Oral Health

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According to dentists at the Medical College of Georgia and Western University of Health Sciences, a tooth-bleaching agent can improve oral health in older adults. Administering the tooth whitener carbamide peroxide on a mouth tray can help combat plaque accumulation, cavities and periodontal disease, which in turn can impact a  general health.

The report, which appears on the cover of June’s issue of the Journal of the American Dental Association, said that dentists have long used carbamide peroxide to whiten teeth, but it was originally used as an oral antiseptic.

Dr. Van Haywood, a professor in the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry, co-authored the report and said, “What we’ve noticed through whitening patients’ teeth over the years is that as they bleached, their teeth got squeaky clean and their gingival health improved.” Medications used by the elderly can cause dry mouth, and a lack of saliva can deter the mouth’s natural protective measures. But Haywood said the tray is the key to the new revelations, since a dentist can create a custom-fit tray that can be worn during the day or overnight. The gel itself can be purchased at a drugstore over the counter.

Since the gel elevates the mouth’s pH above the level where enamel and dentin start to dissolve, having fewer cavities is among the health benefits of whitening with peroxide. In addition it removes plaque and kills bacteria. Simple solutions like these are what Home Care Assistance Columbus is all about, since it can help keep clients filled in on the latest news to keep them healthy.

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