How Elderly Can Prevent Being Victims of Medicare Fraud

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How to Protect Seniors from Medicare Fraud in Columbus, OH

Medicare fraud is a growing problem that costs billions of dollars a year, and it can result in undue stress for seniors during a time when they should be able to focus on their health. While the idea that someone may prey upon the elderly is upsetting, it can be reassuring to know that seniors have multiple ways to safeguard their information so they can avoid becoming victims of medical fraud. Here are a few essential tips from Home Care Assistance Columbus.

Keep Identification Numbers Private

One of the easiest ways thieves can gain access to a person’s Medicare account is by using their identification number. Seniors should always ask why a person needs their number, and make sure that it is only given to a trusted member of their medical team in person.

Be Wary of Scams

A common scam among those who commit Medicare fraud is to pose as a medical staff member who is requesting information or selling a service. Scammers may also knock on a senior’s door under the guise of selling medical equipment. Remember, Medicare will never go door-to-door or make a phone call to sell an item. These types of scenarios should always be regarded with suspicion.

Know How to Check Bills

Fraudulent claims may appear on a senior’s bill in several different ways. These include being charged for a product or service that a senior never received or being double charged for a service that a doctor never specifically ordered. Compare your loved one’s Medicare statement to a calendar of appointments and what they were for.

Report Suspicious Activity

When a senior is unsure about charges on their bill or the validity of a request for their information, it is always best to double check. Seniors can always ask their physician to explain their medical bill and report any suspected instances of fraud. This way, their health benefits and identity can be protected before long-term harm is done.

If you’re still concerned for your loved one’s wellbeing, reach out to Home Care Assistance. Our trusted hourly caregivers in Columbus can provide transportation to medical appointments, keep an eye out for suspicious mail, phone calls, or solicitors, and help with everyday tasks around the house. Call (614) 481-8888 today for more information.


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