Ways to Arrange for Respite Care in Columbus

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columbus home careProviding care for an ill or aging loved one is a difficult task, both mentally and physically.  Family caregivers can experience what is known as caregiver burnout when they do not receive the help they need or try to do more than they are able to.  Detrimental to the health of the caregiver with symptoms including fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression, an overworked caregiver will not be able to provide quality care to their elderly loved one.

To avoid caregiver burnout, there are many ways to arrange for respite care.  Home Care Assistance Columbus offers a several respite care options:

  1. Friends and Family – Individuals closest to you are great options for respite care.  They are not only someone you can trust, but someone your loved one will know and feel comfortable with.  When approaching potential friends and family members for help, be specific about what is required.  Get a commitment for specific days and times to ensure you get the breaks you need.


  1. In-Home Caregiver – Caregivers from reputable Columbus home care agencies are trained and experienced in providing care for older adults.  In addition to providing quality care for your loved one, they can help prepare meals, clean, shop for groceries and run other errands, allowing you time to relax and recover from your caregiving responsibilities.  Caregivers can also offer advice and show you how to help your loved one with certain tasks such as bathing.


  1. Adult Day Care Services – Adult day care services offer temporary respite for family caregivers.  This type of care is ideal for individuals who have full time jobs and are in search of a safe environment to leave their loved one during the work day.  Adult day care facilities also offer meals, social activities, exercise routines and other support services for seniors.


  1. Assisted Living Respite Care – Some assisted living facilities offer temporary room and board for seniors who need assistance with activities of daily living.  Seniors can stay at these facilities from a partial day up to several weeks depending on the care facility.  This type of care is ideal for families going on vacation or out of town and need a reliable place for their elderly loved one to reside.

To be the best caregiver possible, it is important to make sure you tend not only to the needs of your loved one, but your own needs as well.  If you feel overwhelmed or your elderly parent’s condition worsens and you are unequipped to provide adequate care, Columbus live-in home care provided by Home Care Assistance is the ideal care solution.  Your loved one will receive the specialty care and assistance they need without having to leave the comfort of their home.  Contact a Care Manager today for more information and call us at 614-481-8888.


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