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How much do you know about aging? Test your aging IQ with a 15-question quiz from DiscoveryHealth.com

  • Who remarked, “Old age is no place for sissies?” a) Greta Garbo; b) Phyllis Diller; c) Bette Davis d) Lauren Bacall
  • The current life expectancy at birth for an American is: a) 82.3 years; b) 76.9 years; c) 72.5 years; d) 79.1 years
  • More than 15 percent of Americans say they eat healthy foods, exercise regularly, maintain a normal body weight and don’t smoke: True; False
  • The country where you are likely to live the longest is: a) Norway; b)Canada; c) Australia; d) Japan
  • The percent of Americans taking dietary supplements daily is: a) 40; b) 25; c) 50; d) 35
  • The most popular cosmetic procedure in the US is: a) eyelid surgery; b) liposuction; c) breast augmentation; d) botox injections
  • The number of centenarians in the US stands at about: a) 700; b) 7,000; c) 70,000; d) 700,000
  • Which food contains the highest concentration of disease-fighting antioxidants? a) kale; b) soy beans; c) blueberries; d) broccoli
  • Eating chocolate prevents heart disease: a) True; b) False Medical errors by physicians kill 100,000 every year: a) True; b) False
  • When Social Security was initiated in 1935, average life expectancy was: a) 58; b) 63; c) 70
  • Benjamin Franklin was this age when he helped frame the American Constitution: a) 60; b) 70; c) 80
  • What former president wrote the book The Virtues of Aging? One chapter opened with the quip: “Anybody who can still do at 60 what he was doing at 20 wasn’t doing much at 20.” a) Theodore Roosevelt; b) Jimmy Carter; c) Bill Clinton
  • Once they reach age 60, people should have a routine physical exam: a) twice a year; b) once every two years; c) once a year

ANSWERS: 1=c; 2=b; 3=f (it’s 3%); 4=d; 5=a (vitamins C, B12, B6, niacin, thiamin, B2, E, A, D, and folic acid top the list); 6=b; 7=c (could number 834,000 by 2050); 8=c; 9=t; 10=f (44,000, but 100,000 die from adverse reactions to prescription drugs); 11=b; 12=b; 13=a


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