Keeping Columbus Seniors Safe in Summer Heat

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Sunscreen and Hat for Senior Sun Protection

Keeping Columbus Seniors Safe in Summer Heat

Keeping seniors safe in the summertime requires extra effort on the part of caregivers. Attempts to keep living costs low by limiting the use of indoor cooling systems and a failure to consider how medication side effects might impact physical responses to sunlight and heat are just two of many common mistakes made during the hottest months of the year. With the help of caregivers and custom care schedules, however, elderly adults can remain both comfortable and safe no matter how high temperatures might soar.

HVAC Maintenance

Home cooling systems should be professionally serviced and maintained at least once per year. This is the surest way to avoid system malfunctions that could jeopardize your senior loved one’s health. These services are best scheduled before the summer season hits, given that HVAC companies are often inundated with service requests as soon as temperatures start to rise. It is also a good idea for your senior family member to have a small, portable unit on hand for emergencies. Should the main unit fail, this one can keep the home at an acceptable temperature until help arrives.

Schedule Check-Ins

If your loved one has opted to age in place, try to stop by several times per week to see how he or she is doing. If this isn’t possible, have an hourly caregiver check in instead. Make sure your senior family member is staying properly hydrated and that he or she is able to run all essential errands without having to brave the heat.

Hang UV-Resistant Window Treatments

Indoor sun exposure can be just as detrimental to skin health as outdoor sun exposure. Make sure your family member isn’t basking continuously in the rays of the sun indoors and that the windows are covered with UV-resistant blinds or other similar window treatments. Keeping blinds closed throughout the hottest times of the day will also make it easier and less costly to keep the living space cool.

Check Medication Side Effects

Take some time to read through the side effects listed on your family member’s medication. Look for warnings against excess sun exposure and heat. Certain prescription drugs can make seniors more likely to sunburn and others can increase the likelihood of dehydration and heat stroke. If you have any special concerns, talk to your loved one’s doctor or pharmacist in order to determine whether any special lifestyle changes need to be made.

Are you concerned about your loved one living at home alone during the hottest part of the year? Home Care Assistance of Columbus can help. Our trusted live-in or hourly caregivers can run errands, provide transportation, prepare healthy meals, offer companionship, and promote a pleasant and safe summer season. Give us a call at (614) 481-8888 and learn more about how custom care services can help your loved one stay healthy and happy in the comfort of home.


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