Fun Games Seniors Can Play Outside This Summer

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5 Fun Outdoor Games for Seniors in Columbus, OH

The warmer temperatures of summertime provide a great opportunity for providers of elderly care in Columbus, OH, to encourage seniors to venture outdoors. Exposure to sunlight enables the body to generate essential vitamin D, which seniors need to absorb vital calcium. There are many fun-filled activities that make a summer day outdoors both enjoyable and memorable for your loved one.

Beanbag Toss

Beanbag games are an excellent means of encouraging upper body movement while engaging in a little friendly competition. The game merely requires a few beanbags and a cardboard box with a hole cutout. The person who tosses the beanbag into the hole the most, wins.

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is a form of lawn bowling that dates back to ancient Greece. The game has since experienced a revival in Italy. The balls in the sets come in various sizes that easily accommodate the physical limitations of numerous seniors. This versatile game can also be played between two people or even two teams of four people, which makes it a fun group activity to play outside.


Croquet has also been a popular lawn game for centuries. The course used for gameplay is customizable, which means you can make it as easy or difficult as your loved one requires. The sport encourages ambulation along with upper body movement and hand/eye coordination so your loved one can get plenty of exercise out of the game.


Horseshoes is another outdoor favorite that’s fun for the whole family. The game is easily modified to meet the physical capabilities of seniors. The horseshoes come in lightweight rubber or traditional metal, and seniors with physical limitations can easily enjoy the game from a seated position.

Water Balloon Toss

There is no better way to cool off in the heat of summer than with an old-fashioned water balloon toss. This is a refreshing game for seniors that not only keeps them cool, but also exercises their arms, hand/eye coordination, and teamwork skills. It’s also a fun bonding activity for seniors who are new to respite care in Columbus, OH.


More physically active seniors might enjoy playing a game of badminton. While it’s not as physically demanding as tennis, the game offers cardiovascular exercise along with range of motion for all of the extremities. The chance to exercise hand/eye coordination is also a plus. The equipment required is relatively inexpensive and is quickly set up anywhere on the property.

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