Why Seniors with Alzheimer’s Need Strict Routines

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Fixed Routines for Seniors with Alzheimer's in Columbus, OH

Seniors with Alzheimer’s still need to be able to accomplish a lot each day. Columbus Alzheimer’s home caregivers need to help them meet their physical, emotional and mental needs, but to do this, an efficient routine is necessary. Maintaining a schedule often helps seniors make time for important tasks and allows their caregivers to work more effectively with their loved ones. 

Better Sleep

Many Alzheimer’s and dementia home caregivers in Columbus report that their senior does not sleep well at night. Maintaining a schedule where the person goes to bed at the same time each night often helps the person feel and sleep better. They also usually experience less insomnia and don’t struggle as much with sundowner’s syndrome. Many caregivers report that helping their seniors get up at the same time each day helps them be ready to go to sleep at night. 

More Willing to Help

Seniors who are on a schedule are often more willing to cooperate with their caregivers. This can affect the most basic tasks in the senior’s life such as bathing or dressing. When a senior helps the caregiver with his or her bath, he or she doesn’t argue as much. Therefore, caregivers experience less frustration, make fewer mistakes and the task gets accomplished faster.

Days Are More Efficient

While every day has 24 hours in it, when seniors are more willing to help, it seems like more things can get done. Maintaining a strict schedule means that the senior spends less time wandering and wondering what they should do next. This allows the senior and the family caregiver to do more interesting things each day. 

More Time for Hobbies

Scheduling helps organize the day for both the senior and the caregiver. Seniors store this information in their long-term memory eventually. When this happens, researchers find that other memories stored in the long-term memory may be remembered. Seniors may suddenly discover that they once again enjoy doing activities that they thought they would never do again. Alternatively, they may find that they love doing something completely new. 

When helping a senior with Alzheimer’s establish a schedule, keep in mind the person’s likes and dislikes. Make sure to leave time for the things that interests them. Additionally, you can reach out to Home Care Assistance of Columbus, Ohio. We provide flexible Alzheimer’s and dementia home care local seniors can rely on to promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing from home. Call (614) 481-8888 today to set up a free consultation with an experienced Care Manager and learn how our Alzheimer’s care can benefit your loved one.


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