Stay Focused with Eye Exercises

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As we age, our vision generally deteriorates. The muscles in our eyes change shape from decades of strain and become less flexible. As a result, we suffer from decreased sharpness of vision and an inability to focus. Doing daily eye exercises can help you maintain your eyes and slow the rate of eye muscle deterioration. Here are four simple exercises for improving eyesight:

Tracing – Trace the outlines of the objects around you with your eyes. Practice following the contours of the objects at various speeds. Doing this exercise for a few minutes each day can help strengthen eye muscles and increase their flexibility.

Blinking – Blinking exercises are extremely easy to do and can help lubricate and relax the eyes. Close your eyes for a few moments, relax and then blink 15 times. Blink lightly, yet rapidly. If you feel like you are straining the muscles around your eyes or your eyelids, you should slow down.

Near/Far Focusing – This exercise helps to restore your eyes’ ability to rapidly shift focus between objects that are at various distances. Start by focusing on something situated very close to you. Allow your eyes to linger on this object long enough for them to clearly focus before focusing on an object 30 feet away. Upon completion, try focusing on an object 500 feet away and then even further. Repeat.

Zooming – Stretch your arm out in front of you with your hand in the “thumbs up” position. Focus on your thumb as your arm is extended out in front of you. Follow it with your eyes as you bring your thumb closer to your face. Stop when your thumb is about 3 inches away from your face. Then, maintaining focus on your thumb, slowly begin extending your arm out in front of you again. This exercise will increase your sharpness of vision and ability to focus.

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