Perks of Consuming Spearmint

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Eaiting Spearmint Is Healthy in Columbus, OH

Originally, spearmint only grew in Asia and Europe before spreading to the rest of the world. Most people are acquainted with the plant as an herb commonly used in certain foods and chewing gum. Spearmint is also used in many oral hygiene products. However, many people do not know about the many health benefits associated with the common mint plant. Seniors and their Columbus in-home care professionals can easily grow spearmint in flower pots or gardens and can harvest the leaves before the plant flowers. 

Culinary Options

Fresh or dried leaves can be used for flavoring in baked goods, ice creams, sauces or made into teas. Making spearmint tea simply involves combining a handful of fresh leaves or a teaspoon of dried leaves with two pints of water and bringing the mixture to a boil. Allow the leaves to steep for approximately 10 minutes. Strain and enjoy the following benefits. 

Nutritional Benefits

Each teaspoon of dried spearmint leaves contains 10 milligrams of potassium and one percent each of the daily recommended requirements of calcium and vitamin A. The serving also provides two percent of iron. Each of these nutrients are important for senior health and wellbeing. 

Cardiovascular Benefits

The potassium levels contained within spearmint help regulate blood pressure, as the mineral acts as a vasodilator. In this way, spearmint aids in protecting against heart attacks and strokes. Seniors taking diuretics commonly need potassium supplementation to regulate the cardiovascular system, which is why spearmint comes in handy for Columbus live-in home care professionals. 

Additionally, the iron content provided by spearmint helps stimulate red blood cell and hemoglobin production, which aids in anemia prevention. Increasing iron intake also helps boost circulation, elevate energy levels and enhance the healing process. 

Gastrointestinal Benefits

Consumed as tea or when chewing fresh leaves, spearmint has been known to relieve nausea and vomiting. The chemical compounds also relax the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, which in turn alleviates bloating, cramping and the excess gas commonly associated with indigestion and other gastric disorders. 

Respiratory Benefits

Hot spearmint tea thins mucus while the aroma reduces nasal and lung congestion. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the herb help the immune system fight infection.

In addition to getting the proper nutrients, seniors require a balanced schedule to maintain for optimal wellbeing. Home Care Assistance is the leading provider of in-home care that supplements each care plan with our proprietary Balanced Care Method (BCM) for no additional cost. BCM is a revolutionary technique that combines nutritious diet, regular exercise, socialization and recreation to boost both vitality and longevity. Call (614) 481-8888 today to learn more about BCM and how it can benefit your elderly loved one.


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