Common Sources of Family Conflict when Caregiving

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Common Sources of Family Conflict when Caregiving

Although providing care for an aging parent or loved one can be a rewarding experience, it is also considered one of the most physically, mentally and emotionally stressful times an adult child will face. This is not only because of the busy demands placed on the caregiver, but because of conflict amongst family members. Despite popular belief, conflict is not just caused by who does what for mom or dad, there are several sources.

  • Financial Conflict – One of the leading sources of conflict among family caregivers involves finances. This may be especially so when siblings or other family members disagree on how funds are spent or if one or more caregivers are helping support mom or dad. When combined with the fact that the caregiver may have to reduce working hours or leave their job to care for a parent, resentment and animosity may surface.
  • Authority and Medical Decisions – Families may fight about who makes the decisions and when. For example, the oldest adult child may feel that this is his or her call, even if they are not the one to provide the majority of care for the parent. Other siblings or family members that provide the bulk of the care may see this as an insult or disagree with the decisions that are being made.
  • Additional Caregiving Needs – This can be one of the hardest conflicts that families may have to deal with. The decline of the senior may warrant the need for professional care and not everyone may be on board with this. For some, the idea of placing the parent in a nursing home can be very upsetting. When this happens, the “who does what” or “who does the most” arguments may come into play. Part-time or live-in care in Columbus is often a good compromise because families are still able to be involved with care and the senior is able to remain at home, among their personal possessions and belongings.

Family conflict can make caregiving difficult for all those involved and unfortunately, can negatively affect the quality of care being provided to your loved one. While it may be difficult to discuss issues with family members, setting boundaries and expressing your personal feelings can help in making caregiving a rewarding experience.

If your family is looking for professional assistance in caring for an aging loved one, reach out to Columbus Home Care Assistance. With the help of a reliable and compassionate in-home caregiver, many families are able to enjoyed strengthened family relationships, returning to their role as son or daughter, instead of caregiver. Along with flexible hourly and live-in care, we provide specialty services including dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s home care. Call us at 614-481-8888 to learn more – we’re available to answer questions 24/7.


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