Single Lens Glasses May Be Answer to Prevent Falling Outside

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A pair of glasses for outdoors might reduce fall risks. Australian researchers said they’ve found a simple and effective way to cut the risk of falls in elderly people who wear bifocals or other ‘multifocus’ lens glasses. The answer? Wear single lens distance glasses when going outside. While multifocus glasses can conveniently correct both close and distant vision, studies continue to show that those who wear them have a higher risk of falls when outside of their homes and using stairs. This is because these types of glasses impair distant depth perception, which could impair an older person’s balance.”

The study was conducted with 606 older adults who wore multifocal glasses and were at high risk for falling. Around half of the subjects received advice on how to avoid falling in addition to being prescribed single lens distance glasses and told to wear them outside and in unfamiliar environments. The other half of the group was given no fall prevention tips and acted as the control by continuing to wear their multifocal lens glasses.

The researchers said the change most benefitted those 70 or older who regularly leave their homes; they could expect up to a 40% reduction in falls. Though Home Care Assistance Columbus realizes an additional pair of glasses can be pricy, single lens glasses are typically less expensive than multifocal glasses.

The test subjects were also urged to use transition single focus lenses that become automatically darker in bright sunlight since they can decrease glare.

The glasses are half full!


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