Home Care Assistance Columbus offers a variety of services for older adults

Serving with compassion and devotion, we are central Ohio’s quality choice for older adults who need help in the home. Our caregivers provide services such as meal planning and preparation, transportation, bathing/personal care, light housekeeping, meaningful companionship, care for bedbound clients, and more. In addition to our high-caliber care, what sets us apart is our focus on the overall well-being of clients through a philosophy we call the Balanced Care Method™.

hourly care

Hourly CareMost of our clients choose in-home care because of its flexibility. Unlike moving to a retirement community, home care isn’t an “all-or-nothing” decision. Our clients only pay for the hours they need instead of the around-the-clock cost of living in a facility …Read More

Live-In CareAround-the-clock care in the comfort of home is a wonderful alternative to a long-term care facility. Nothing beats the security of a full-time caregiver who maintains routine, attends to immediate needs, monitors safety, prevents wandering, prepares meals, and provides a level of meaningful companionship that enhances cognitive abilities and alleviates boredom and depression …Read More

Dementia & Alzheimer’s CareWhile science cannot predict how Alzheimer’s disease and dementia will affect each individual, research gives us guidelines for keeping clients healthier and safer while possibly slowing the progression of their disease …Read More

parkinsons disease

Parkinson’s CareWhen Parkinson’s Disease robs individuals of their mobility and ability to control movements, help is often needed. Many of our Parkinson’s clients have spouses who have long struggled to be the sole caregiver but find at some point that they can’t do it alone …Read More

Post Hospitalization and Rehab CareImmediately after hospitalization and rehab, older adults are especially vulnerable to falls and relapses. By using our services even temporarily, the transition home from the hospital will be safer and easier …Read More

hospital sitter

Hospital SittersMany family members don’t like the thought of their loved one being alone in the hospital, especially when their loved one has cognitive decline, poor eyesight, hearing loss, or other limitations …Read More

hospice support

Hospice SupportHospice care is best at home. When loved ones reach the stage where curative treatment is no longer possible or desired, our caregivers will improve their end-of-life experience. By providing one-to-one care in the comfort of home, we promote quality of life and dignity in dying …Read More

custom care

Custom Care SchedulesWhile we often talk about care for those who have diseases, most of our clients are happy and fairly healthy; they simply face limitations that curtail the way they want to live …Read More