How Is MRSA Spread?

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How to Protect Seniors From MRSA in Columbus, OH

MRSA infections are a form of the common staph infection, but this type of bacteria does not respond to treatment with typical antibiotics. It is caused by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and can eventually result in skin sores and deep abscesses that may be life threatening. Because it is antibiotic resistant, treating a senior who gets MRSA is very difficult. MRSA is very common in nursing homes, hospitals, and other healthcare settings, so live-in caregivers in Columbus may need to take some precautions if their elderly loved ones are in one of these situations.

How Does a MRSA Infection Spread?

MRSA can spread through any type of skin-to-skin contact. It is most likely to spread if a person with a cut or open wound touches a sore caused by MRSA. However, any type of skin contact can potentially spread this infection. MRSA bacteria can live up to six months on an object or surface, and anyone who touches that object can also get infected. It is therefore an extremely contagious bacterium that spreads through doctor’s offices, hospitals, dialysis centers, or nursing homes. Some people who come into contact with MRSA do not develop an infection, but it can easily defeat a weak immune system. Since seniors have weakened immune systems and are prone to infection, it is very common among the elderly population.

How Can You Stop a MRSA Infection from Spreading?

To keep your elderly loved one from getting a MRSA infection, practicing good hygiene and sanitation is essential. Everyone should regularly wash his or her hands with hot water, soap, and an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Any clothing, bedding, or towels should be frequently washed with hot water. Your senior loved one should never use anyone else’s towels, razors, combs, or brushes because these items can easily spread MRSA. All open wounds should be routinely sterilized and continuously covered with a bandage to make it harder for MRSA to infect the area.

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