Promoting Senior Independence After Stroke

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Independence for Seniors Post-Stroke

Having a stroke is a serious, life-changing event that can suddenly transform an active and independent senior into a person who is dependent on others for daily tasks. If your aging loved one has recently experienced a stroke, utilize the following stroke recovery tips from Columbus Home Care Assistance which can play a large role in ensuring independence once he or she returns home.

Set Realistic Goals

It is important for your loved one and family to establish active lines of communication with the physician and the other health care staff. Medical professionals can suggest a reasonable set of goals and estimate times that they should be achieved. For example, an individual who is able to stand, but not ambulate, may have a goal to walk a few steps with a walker within several days. Family members can provide additional support and encouragement by celebrating each goal with their loved one.

Keep Social Connections Alive

People who enjoy spending time with others tend to be more motivated to achieve their independence sooner than their reclusive counterparts. Senior stroke survivors who tend to be more isolated should be encouraged to schedule dinners and other activities with friends and family. When a loved one feels embarrassed by changes in ability, suggesting attendance at a support group may provide social connections in an environment that feels safe and comfortable.

Participate in All Recommended Therapy Sessions

The exercises that are learned during physical and occupational therapy sessions should be taken very seriously and practiced at home in accordance with the therapist’s recommendations and under the supervision of a family member or professional part-time caregiver. Individuals who are struggling with pain should take physician-approved pain relievers approximately 45 minutes before they begin their session so they can achieve optimal results.

Renew Favorite Interests

People who take pleasure in hobbies and other recreational pursuits should be encouraged to work on their projects as soon as possible. Many crafts, like knitting or woodworking, help reestablish fine motor skills. Reintegrating favorite activities can help life seem more normal for senior stroke survivors and encourage them to regain their independence.

Seek Professional Care

Professional caregivers have the experience and training to assist senior stroke survivors at home, maximizing safety, ensuring comfort, and promoting quality of life. High caliber caregivers know when to assist with a daily activity and when to allow a senior to perform the activity without help to instill feelings of independence and confidence.

To learn more about professional stroke care in Columbus, call (614) 481-8888 and learn how a part-time or live-in caregiver could promote independence and safety for your loved one during the at-home recovery process.


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