Exceptional Post-Hospital Care & Monitoring 24/7

Immediately after hospitalization and rehab, older adults are especially vulnerable to falls and relapses. They sometimes are too weak to fix their own meals so they don’t eat well — or are too daring to avoid stairs, sudden movements, lifting, etc. and, therefore, reinjure themselves.

Medicare is Minimal

It’s true that Medicare normally covers in-home health care after a hospital stay. While we certainly support in-home health and recommend it often, we also know it isn’t enough. Visits from a nurse, physical therapist, and occupational therapist are crucial for a strong recovery but those visits don’t include services like cooking, cleaning, bed changes, and errands – and they normally amount to less than 10 hours a week. That isn’t enough to keep a loved one on the road to recovery. Columbus Home Care Assistance can fill the gaps!

Post-Hospital Care Columbus
24/7 Post-Hospital Care Columbus

A Temporary Transition

By using our services even temporarily, the transition home from the hospital will be safer and easier. Whether we’re there around-the-clock or just during the day or night, our Caregivers help speed recovery and can recognize signs if the healing isn’t happening as it should.


Having someone help after returning from a hospital stay is well worth the cost. A healthier return home and a little more peace of mind … you can’t put a price on it!