Trained & Compassionate In-Home Parkinson’s Support

When Parkinson’s Disease robs individuals of their mobility and ability to control movements, help is often needed. Many of our Parkinson’s Clients have spouses who have long struggled to be the sole Caregiver but find at some point that they can’t do it alone.

Expertise in Parkinson’s

Columbus Home Care Assistance can help. We have developed an expertise in Parkinson’s care that ensures our Clients have someone with them who understands the disease, as well as a team of people from our office who can provide continued guidance.

Parkinson’s Care Columbus
Columbus Parkinson’s Care

Rest for Spouses, Too

While our Caregivers are able to make a difference in the lives of Clients with Parkinson’s, we also see spouses and family members who need time to take care of themselves. When they choose Home Care Assistance, our Clients have tremendous peace of mind knowing that someone who truly understands the unique limitations of this disease is caring for their loved one.

Parkinson Foundation Great Lakes

For those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, the Parkinson Foundation Great Lakes division offers wonderful resources: informational booklets, support groups, a monthly newsletter, and more. Contact them by calling (614) 890-1901 or visiting their web site.