The Real Reason for Obesity Among Bedbound Seniors

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The Real Reason for Obesity Among Bedbound Seniors

Weight management is a proven strategy for promoting better health in the senior adult population, and active seniors are encouraged to eat a nutritious diet and keep a daily exercise regimen. Yet, if a senior becomes bedbound due to a medical condition or the need for post-hospital care in Columbus, they must rely upon their caregivers to ensure they receive the proper nutrition necessary to stay within the appropriate weight guidelines.

While the rising obesity rate of bedbound seniors is often attributed to a lack of exercise and poor nutrition, the truth is that well-meaning and overwhelmed family caregivers can sometimes play a role in a bedbound senior’s weight gain.

Providing home care to a bedbound senior poses new challenges that can make it harder for a caregiver to perform their duties. Seniors who struggle with chewing and swallowing may request more calorie-laden foods such as pudding and milkshakes. Families who struggle with balancing their loved one’s care with work and family responsibilities may resort to take-out meals and heating up microwave dinners in an effort to save time. While the occasional quick meal is usually fine, those who find that unhealthy meals are becoming more frequent can prevent obesity through seeking assistance with their meal planning and preparation.

Families who cannot manage to care for their loved one due to other responsibilities can consider professional home care. Columbus Home Care Assistance offers flexible caregiving services to meet your loved one’s needs.

There are many resources available for caregivers who struggle with nutritious cooking for bedbound seniors. Many senior adults already follow a diet that is recommended by their medical team, and this diet can sometimes by continued with a few modifications. There are also a handful of smartphone apps that can help caregivers to organize healthy meals and provide tips for grocery shopping and meal preparation.

For family members who are overwhelmed or dealing with a lack of time for proper meal planning, professional assistance is another option that can provide significant benefits for both the senior’s health and the caregiver’s peace of mind. Whether a person chooses daily or weekly assistance with their loved one’s meals, the bedbound senior adult will enjoy better health that will have a positive impact upon their quality of life.

To learn more about hourly home care in Columbus, contact Home Care Assistance today. We are available 24/7 and we can help you and your loved one prepare nutritious meals and can ensure that proper meal planning is conducted to promote total health and wellness. To speak with a Care Manager today, dial 614-481-8888 and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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