Never Too Late for a Lifestyle Change

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Researchers have found that enhancing healthy lifestyle behaviors can substantially reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease and lengthen life. According to The American Journal of Medicine, a team of researchers from the Medical University of South Carolina at Charleston found that just four simple healthy behaviors can profoundly impact your health — even if you start doing them late in life. suggests that it’s easier for most people to lower his or her risk of heart problems and add years onto their lives than they may anticipate. The study concluded that once participants achieve these four healthy behaviors, they could except up to a 35% reduction in cardiovascular disease and up to a 40% reduction in mortality when compared to those with less healthy lifestyles.

The four necessary healthy behaviors:

  1. Eat at least five fruits and vegetables daily.
  2. Exercise at least 2.5 hours a week.
  3. Maintain a Body Mass Index (BMI) between 18 and 25.
  4. Do no smoke..

“The findings from our study emphasize that making the necessary changes to adhere to a healthy lifestyle is extremely worthwhile, and that it’s never too late to act,” Dana E. King, MD, MS said.

Researchers also found that “the beneficial impact of the changes occurred despite the relatively modest changes in health habits and the healthy lifestyle was beneficial when compared to all persons with three or fewer healthy habits, not just in comparison to people with none or one habit.”

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