My parents are reluctant to accept home care. Now what?

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A: Convincing older adults that they need help at home can be challenging. While they balk at the thought of losing independence, the opposite is actually true. By having a little help, they are much more likely to retain independence because they remain in control of decisions affecting her lifestyle. Once a crisis occurs (a fall, dehydration, a severe UTI), decisions about their care will be in the hands of others.

We have a couple of ideas: 1) Ask your parents to try home care, at least temporarily. Once they meet their caregiver and see how nice it is to have an extra set of hands, “temporary” almost always becomes permanent. 2) Come up with another name for “caregiver.” Some of our clients are more receptive to having a personal assistant or a housekeeper/chef. 3) Ask your parents to do this for you … agree to a meeting with our owner. Once your parents meets her and understands that our company shares their goal of remaining at home, it’s a less threatening proposition.


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