Three Movies that all Caregivers can Relate to

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The challenges faced by caregivers are numerous, but they can also be a part of the universal human experience too, encompassing familial struggles and decisions that many members of the current caregiving generation know quite well. These include family members resistant to receiving care, the realities of dementia, and strife among siblings caring for parents, to name a few.

With extensive experience in Columbus home care, we’ve found that sometimes, the easiest way to gain insight into the life of caregiving is to look to others in similar situations. Following are three films that depict the lives of family caregivers and are highly recommended for those providing care for aging parents, grandparents or loved ones.

  1. The Savages (2007) – A brother and sister must take care of their abusive father after he develops dementia and has no one else to care for him in this poignant, yet at times funny film. Through caregiving, they grow as individuals and begin to reconcile their troubled childhood and adult lives. The major focus of the film includes accepting the past and dealing with the present, no matter how difficult. Nominated for many awards, including two Oscars “The Savage” is an emotional and insightful story about caregiving.
  2. Dad (1989) – Ted Danson and Jack Lemmon star in this film about a man whose wife has a heart attack and is left to depend on his son while she recuperates. His son teaches him to be more independent, which engenders family conflict. On the other hand, the experience of caring for his father forces him to re-examine choices he has made in his own life, especially regarding his own teenage son. The film does a great job with caregiving conflict and multi-generational issues and earned a Golden Globe nomination for Lemmon.
  3. Away from Her (2006) – Fiona (Julie Christie) is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and chooses to enter a care home, leaving her still-vibrant husband on the outside on his own. Inside, Fiona falls in love with another man, and her husband must cope with the loss of the wife he loved. The film deals with issues of long-term care and dementia, but also with making decisions about care after receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. Nominated for numerous awards, including a Golden Globe win for Christie.

For those struggling with caregiving issues, including family conflict or understanding dementia, these movies can offer both welcome relief and distraction, not to mention the feeling that you aren’t experiencing these daily challenges alone.

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