Keep Exercising Through Autumn

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The health benefits of exercise are extraordinarily well documented. Regular exercise lowers your risk of a stroke by 27%, reduces instances of both high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s disease by 40%, cuts your chance of developing diabetes by 50%, and lowers your risk of developing colon cancer by a whopping 60%. As well, it obviously helps maintain a healthy weight. Plus, exercise has been shown to be just as effective at fighting depression as both SSRIs (like Prozac) and therapy.

A recent study from the Appalachian State University’s Human Performance Lab even showed that people who took a brisk walk five days a week had fewer and less severe colds and flus than sedentary control subjects. So it’s not just long-term chronic and fatal conditions that being fit staves off – regular exercise actually helps you battle the common cold, too!

Like many other studies, this one points to the importance of remaining active throughout the day. The good news is that the simple physical movements of standing and moving between rooms has significant health benefits. Watching television, for example, is much more sedentary that we think. Therefore, standing up during commercial breaks, going to get a glass of water, or even putting down the remote control and getting up to change channels and adjust volume can keep you from being in one extremely inactive position for extended periods of time.

Light household tasks, simple in-home exercises, and attention to self-care — activities encouraged by the professionals us at Home Care Assistance Columbus — can help keep people moving. Not only does such daily activity help keep people physically active longer, we now know it also can help fight heart disease and reduce other health risks.


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