Internet & Social Media Use among Seniors Continues to Rise

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Internet & Social Media Use among Seniors Continues to Rise

Many people view the internet and social media platforms as entertainment for younger generations. While this was true in the early phases of the computer revolution, a shift is occurring where many older adults and seniors are joining in on the fun. The truth is that today’s seniors have arrived online in a big way.

Recent Columbus senior care studies show that over 80% of seniors use email and regularly search the Internet. In just the last five years, the number of seniors online has increased by more than 50% — from 11 million to more than 17 million regular users. It is true that seniors still lag behind other age groups, the fact remains that seniors regularly go online for such things as health information, news and shopping.

The primary benefit of the internet and social media for seniors is the ability to avoid social isolation. The difficulty seniors sometimes have getting out of the house, combined with the distance of family and the frailty of their friends, can be overcome by going online. The Internet, along with social media platforms, allows seniors to communicate with others and remain active and entertained, even when physical limitations make traveling and face-to-face encounters impractical.

When seniors have access to the Internet, their families also can find peace of mind because they can interact with their loved one via email or video chats. For information on how to ensure the care of an aging loved one from a distance, click here and read about part-time hourly care in Columbus.

The Internet has become extremely beneficial in the lives of a growing number of seniors, giving them the gifts of interaction and education they may not be able to receive any other way. Encourage your loved one to join the fun online and help them reap the many benefits of internet and social media usage.


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