How Seniors can Promote Better Bone Health

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How to Protect Senior Bone Health

As seniors get older, it becomes more important than ever for them to be vigilant about protecting the health of their bones. After individuals reach their mid-30s, the rate of bone regeneration slows significantly, and if preventative measures are not taken, a risk of bone fractures increases with age. Columbus elder care experts recommend the following tips to help older adults protect and promote bone health.

Making Lifestyle Changes

Studies have shown that an increased risk of lower bone density is concurrent with regular tobacco use. The toxins in tobacco generate liver enzymes that destroy estrogen’s bone supporting capacity, and inhaling smoke produces a large number of free radicals that work to destroy healthy cells including those needed for bone growth. Additionally, individuals who drink two or more alcoholic beverages per day may be inhibiting their skeletal system’s ability to uptake calcium, which results in weaker bone structure. Making changes to eliminate both smoking and alcohol from one’s diet can increase bone health significantly.

Consulting with a Physician

There are many elements that contribute to bone loss that are difficult to control, and keeping regular appointments with a physician and including bone density scanning as a part of a person’s regular health maintenance program can help monitor bone loss. Some factors that contribute to a weakening of bone structure include:

  • Decreased levels of estrogen at menopause
  • Being a petite Caucasian or Asian female
  • Elevated thyroid hormones
  • Corticosteroid medications

For some seniors, attending regular check-ups does not occur because they do not have access to transportation to get to their appointments. If this is the case for your aging parent or loved one, consider hourly home care in Columbus. A part-time caregiver can provide your loved one with reliable transportation to medical appointments, and can also offer accompaniment and support during the appointment to help ease feelings of anxiety or fear. Caregivers can also help with household chores and other personal care activities.

Practicing Healthy Habits

Physician approved exercise that involves weight-bearing can help protect the skeletal system by stimulating bone regeneration. Walking, playing tennis and reasonable weight lifting programs help to encourage bone cell replenishment. Calcium and vitamin D should be included in the diet because they are the most crucial nutrients that are needed to support healthy bone maintenance and growth. The body uses sunlight to naturally produce vitamin D, and when low levels become a concern, a physician can recommend a supplement.

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