Many family members don’t like the thought of their loved one being alone in the hospital, especially when their loved one has cognitive decline, poor eyesight, hearing loss, or other limitations. Older adults are often afraid in a hospital setting and are worried that they won’t be able to answer or understand the instructions of the medical staff. Columbus Home Care Assistance can help.

ER or Overnight

By serving as a hospital sitter, our Caregivers provide companionship and advocacy for patients who need to be seen in the ER or those who require overnight stays. Some families want us there around the clock while others use our services to fill the gaps when family and friends can’t be there.

Care and Companionship

While serving as hospital sitters, our Caregivers can tend to personal care, encourage Clients to eat (feeding them, if needed), take notes on visits from medical personnel, play games, field incoming calls, and keep the medical staff alerted if problems arise. For those with dementia, our Caregivers play a crucial role in keeping patients calm and feeling safe.

Hospital Sitters in Columbus