Hospice care is best at home. When loved ones reach the stage where curative treatment is no longer possible or desired, our Caregivers will improve their end-of-life experience. By providing one-to-one care in the comfort of home, we promote quality of life and dignity in dying.

Filling the Gaps in Hospice Care

While Columbus Home Care Assistance does not offer the hospice nursing services that are covered by Medicare, we are able to fill the huge gaps in care. Families often are surprised to find that while hospice offers wonderful telephone support and nursing visits, it doesn’t provide bedside caregiving for more than a couple of hours a week. That’s where we can help.

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Hospital Sitters in Columbus, Ohio

Experience Matters

The Caregivers who serve as our hospice support team are men and women who have specific experience with end-of-life care and feel a calling to continue this loving service.

A Beautiful Gift

Hospice at home allows our Clients to be surrounded by the things they love most: their belongings, family, pets, favorite foods, neighbors, and their memories. That sense of connection to “home” is a beautiful gift.