Crafty Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Make with Your Senior Loved One

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Great Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Make with Your Elderly Loved One in Columbus, OH

Decorating the home for the holidays remains a time-honored tradition for many families. Family members and Columbus, OH, live-in caregivers of all ages might consider spending quality time with their beloved seniors by creating centerpieces for all to enjoy. 

Candle Clusters

For each candle grouping, use three hurricane candle holders of various sizes. Place a votive candle in the center of each. Fill the spaces around the candles with acorns or nuts. Position the glass fixtures on one or more plates or platters. Use greenery or fall-colored leaves around the lamps as a finishing touch. 

Canned Florals

Collect a variety of empty food cans. Remove the labels and wash the interiors. Glue dried corn husks to the exterior of each can. Accent each with a ribbon tied in a bow at the halfway point of the cans. Fill the cans with festive artificial or fresh-cut flowers, greenery or other desired decorations. 

Colorful Layers

In a large, clear bowl or in tall, clear vases, place a layer of corn kernels. Top the corn with a layer of greens and a layer of nuts. Top the display with one or more candles in the festive autumn color of your choosing. 


Acquire a wicker cornucopia wherever crafts are sold. Fill the “horn of plenty” with seasonal fruits and vegetables representing fall colors. Or, create a dramatic monochromatic display. 

Simple and Elegant

Create a staggered line of cream or white-colored candles at a desired length along the middle of the table. Scatter acorns, nuts, pine cones and seed pods around the candles for a subdued neutral-toned palette that offers a bit of rustic elegance. Perhaps accent a few of the decorations by applying glue and glitter. 

Table Window Box Display

Make a long, narrow, shallow box with left-over lumber. Fill the box with greenery and strategically placed gourds, pumpkins, berries, apples and other festively-colored produce. 

Spend some quality time with your senior loved one this Thanksgiving by creative some festive centerpieces for the table. Learn about other ways you can spend time with your loved one this season by calling Home Care Assistance of Columbus at (614) 481-8888. We provide compassionate in-home senior care Columbus, OH, families trust to boost their loved ones’ overall wellbeing. Learn more today when you schedule a free in-home consultation.


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