Hobby Ideas to Get Older Adults Moving

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In an article on eHow.com, author Eleanor Sullo gives great tips for older adults who are looking for creative ways to spend their day. Here are several more ideas for the hobby-starved older adult.

  • GARDENING is almost always the hobby by default for people who have property with lawns, gardens and trees. If you’re in this boat, why not choose an element of gardening around your land that appeals to you, but about which you need to learn more? For example, you might want to undertake a perennial bed, if previously you only grew annual flowers. Or you might want to try cultivating dwarf fruit trees if previously you only grew vegetables, or a rock garden if you have a spot you could never cultivate at all. Make it a challenge, learn something, and grow something beautiful. Off season can be the time for learning, studying, ordering, and plotting, spring, summer and fall, for the growing/harvesting. Gardening, most people find, provides excellent exercise and the rewards are endless.
  • HOSTELING: This unique learn-and-travel program for seniors is held in colleges around the country and overseas. Friends often join together to take the courses in an area of the country they want to visit. Courses in history, geography, literature and more are fairly inexpensive, and stays in college dorms are reasonable, too. Some stays require a certain amount of roughing it, but clean rooms and decent beds, plain institutional food are minimal basics. Prices vary.
  • INTERNET: There’s so much to explore in cyber space that has been written about elsewhere, it hardly warrants an enthusiastic recommendation here. You can learn about almost any subject through research on the internet; you can also join chat links, play games, listen to overseas radio programs, learn languages, study the opinions of others, and access pictures, visit virtual art museums and more. JOIN a club, a hobby group, a political party, a class at your local evening school. Or a prayer group, a choir, a choral group or dining out club. They’re just plain fun, and having your social occasions scheduled by a group will be just the challenge you need to get out and join the fun—whether you’re single or with a partner.
  • KITE-FLYING is one sure way to feel like a kid again. Thee are hundreds of models, from basic to very complex box and other styles, including double and triple kits with amazing color and beauty, all kinds of skills to learn, even kites to build and kiting organizations to join and gather with during high kiting season. Try it, or at least look for notice of some nearby kite conventions in the summer and attend—bring your camera along, you’ll be impressed. And if you are still having troubles finding projects you truly enjoy, let the care companions from Home Care Assistance Columbus help. Together, you can explore art museums, try new recipes, or take up the game of bocce ball.

Stay interested in order to stay interesting.


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