Helping a Parent Grieve

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Loss occurs throughout every stage of life; however, senior adults are more vulnerable to the negative effects that unresolved grief can have on their health. It is also common for an older adult to experience multiple losses within a short period of time, which can interfere with their ability to cope. If your parent has recently experienced the loss of a loved one such as their spouse, Home Care Assistance of Columbus offers information on how you can help them grieve, especially if you are grieving as well.

  • Be Available to Listen – One of the most effective ways to help someone overcome a loss is to be available to listen. Although it is important not to pressure your parent to talk until they are ready, they will benefit from knowing that they have your support. As you listen, be alert for signs that they are coping well with their grief such as a gradual return to happiness or laughter while sharing a memory.
  • Take Time Out – Many of the losses experienced by your parent may also be people you are close to as well. This can make it hard to be emotionally available to help your grieving parent. Sometimes, it may be necessary to step away for a few hours or a day so that you can regain your strength. During this time, you may arrange for another caregiver to spend time with your parent so that you can both benefit from having a chance to regain some perspective. Click here for information about professional, part-time home caregivers in Columbus.
  • Create a Memorial – As grief begins to turn to acceptance, it is important to mark the transition by replacing feelings of loss with cherished memories. Spend time with your parent creating a memorial that can be enjoyed from time to time. A video montage, scrapbook or journal of favorite memories can all allow your parent to look back with fondness after their period of grieving.

If your parent has recently lost a spouse and you are concerned about their health, safety and wellbeing at home, consider assistance from a live-in caregiver. A professional can provide emotional support, while also assisting with household chores and activities of daily living. Read more about live-in care in Columbus or contact a Home Care Assistance Care Manager directly at 614-481-8888. We understand this is a difficult time for you and your family and are here as an invaluable resource and support system. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.


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