Is Calcium Harmful to the Heart?

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How Calcium Supplements Can Affect the Heart Health of Seniors in Columbus, OH

As one of the most abundant elements on earth, calcium is readily available for many uses including dietary supplements. This mineral is also found in many common food sources such as vegetables, seafood and dairy products. Calcium is responsible for proper bone formation and maintenance in children and adults. However, recent scientific research has found a link between calcium and problems with the cardiovascular system. Below is what Columbus, OH, in-home care providers want families to know about this correlation.

The John Hopkins School of Medicine spent more than a decade studying the effects of calcium supplements on heart health. More than 2,700 adults of various age groups participated in this extensive study. The results revealed that calcium supplements cause some noticeable side effects such as plaque in the arteries. An excessive accumulation of plaque in the blood vessels can further lead to high blood pressure, stroke and even heart attack. Experts from the John Hopkins School of Medicine urge adults to limit their intake of calcium in the form of supplements. However, it’s still essential for people to get an adequate supply of this nutrient on a daily basis. The FDA encourages individuals to eat a lot of leafy greens, raw seafood, legumes and dairy in order to obtain a healthy supply of calcium. Nutritionists agree that calcium in its natural form does not lead to an increase in heart problems.

Senior citizens who take calcium supplements are prone to cardiovascular complications. As the body ages, it loses its ability to absorb this important mineral. More specifically, the urinary system and circulatory system do not effectively process calcium. Therefore, calcium tends to build up in the bloodstream without anywhere else to go. Elderly folks should do their best to eliminate dietary supplements that include a large dose of calcium. It’s much better for such people to enjoy balanced meals that are loaded with many essential nutrients that can improve common problems like arthritis.

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