The Dangers of Hearing Loss for Senior Adults

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Dangers of Senior Hearing Loss

In addition to the feeling of isolation, hearing loss can involve garbled conversations and communication patterns that often lead to frustrations for seniors and older adults. Even with the obvious signs, it still can be difficult to admit that changes in one’s hearing are taking place. When seniors experience hearing loss, they sometimes feel embarrassed, scared, and left out. However, promptly dealing with any hearing changes is the best approach. Read on for some ways that families can encourage their aging relatives and loved ones to constructively confront and deal with hearing changes.

Physical Aspects

Hearing loss leads to overall fatigue since the person experiencing the hearing change must devote excessive energy and focus to attempting to hear sound levels that were once effortlessly absorbed. Columbus senior care professionals state that age-related hearing loss is permanent, so it is very important that older adults let their loved ones and their doctors know about any noticeable changes, whether they be mild or severe. Since a senior might not even realize that the change is happening, it is important for family members and caregivers to also note any changes in television volume habits or conversation habits and speaking tones.

Emotional Aspects

Listening to music and enjoying conversations with family and friends are some of life’s simple pleasures. Sometimes the elderly feel bitter or frustrated when they experience hearing loss, especially since it seems to signify the loss of much more. However, not acknowledging the change can make problems worse. The longer the problem goes on unaccounted for, the more disorienting it feels to everyone involved.

Comforting Ways to Cope

Hearing aids are widely available, as are integrated Bluetooth devices to link hearing aids to televisions and telephones. Phone amplifiers are also available. Many medical centers conduct routine hearing checks, and some are even free. Family members and friends who are aware of hearing problems can make the extra effort to include their aged relatives in all conversations by facing them so that they can not only hear their voices, but also view their lips moving as they talk and form words.

If you have an aging parent or loved one that is experiencing a decline in hearing and you believe they could use extra help at home to ensure their safety and comfort, reach out to Home Care Assistance Columbus today and learn more about our flexible hourly and live-in care plans. With Columbus hourly care, a professional caregiver can provide assistance with daily activities on an as-needed basis, and with live-in care, seniors can enjoy the same high level of care on a 24 hour or overnight schedule. To request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation, call 614-481-8888.


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