What Issues Should Aging Adults Bring Up to Their Physicians?

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What Health Concerns Should My Senior Parent Discuss with the Doctor in Columbus, OH

Receiving sound advice and treatment from a primary care physician can boost mental, physical, and emotional health and stave off various age-related conditions. However, many seniors fail to ask their doctors the right questions, and they may leave out essential information related to their daily lives. Continue reading to learn what concerns your elderly parent should address when he or she visits a medical provider.

Sleeping Problems

Seniors should bring up anything related to their sleeping patterns, but unless your loved one brings up the topic, it may be skipped over during the appointment. Therefore, your parent should let the doctor know if he or she is having difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep during the night. These problems could be a sign of kidney disease, depression, diabetes, heart disease, or respiratory issues. If your loved one voices these concerns during doctor visits, the physician can try to figure out the cause and develop a treatment plan. Your loved one’s primary care physician may recommend seeing a specialist for further testing.

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Memory Impairment

If your parent has difficulty remembering things (aside from occasionally misplacing the remote control or house keys), he or she should share these concerns with the physician. The doctor could administer tests to determine if the confusion and forgetfulness are minor issues or warning signs of a condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. If your parent doesn’t share these details, his or her memory problems could worsen. Attend some of the doctor visits with your parent to make sure he or she is forthcoming about any memory problems or cognitive impairment.

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Aches & Pains

Seniors should never ignore joint pain and mobility issues. These aches and pains could be a warning sign of something more severe, such as an infection, a sprain, dehydration, or chronic stress. When your loved one visits the doctor, he or she should speak about these ailments and seek treatment. The primary care physician could prescribe medicine to cure an infection, preserve brain cells, or boost mental health, which could also reduce aches and pains.

Alcohol & Substance Use

It’s critical for your loved one to share every medication he or she is currently taking, even over-the-counter medicines. If your loved one consumes alcohol regularly, he or she needs to disclose this information to the doctor. Your loved one should also inform the physician about any history of substance abuse or addiction. Being honest with the doctor could reduce your parent’s risk of receiving prescriptions for medicine that triggers bad habits or prevents a treatment plan from working effectively. Remind your loved one that the doctor won’t judge him or her for past mistakes. The doctor is there to ensure your loved one receives high-quality treatment that could boost his or her wellbeing in the senior years. 

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