Grocery Shopping Tips for Elderly Individuals

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Does your elderly loved one live alone?  Do they have difficulties with their daily activities?  While your elderly parent or loved one may be able to manage a majority of their activities independently, there are certain tasks that commonly become difficult to complete with age.

A routine errand for most, grocery shopping presents the elderly with a variety of challenges as they experience a decline in eyesight, physical restriction, and slight memory loss.  From reading the small print on packaging in the store to carrying heavy groceries into the house, a trip to the grocery store can be overwhelming from beginning to end. Home Care Assistance provides  elder care in Columbus that offers older adults help with grocery shopping. But if your loved ones want to continue shopping on their own, here are several tips to help them successfully and achieve this task.

First, encourage your loved one to be as organized as possible before visiting the grocery store.  Suggest preplanning meals to create a shopping list of items needed for those meals that is categorized by where the item can be found in the store.  This will help reduce both time and money spent during a shopping trip, while ensuring the correct items are purchased and no items are unnecessarily repurchased.  Also, writing down preferred brands as opposed to individual products helps minimize confusion when presented with the large inventory of the store.

Secondly, have your loved one shop at a supermarket where there is plenty of assistance if needed.  Also encourage them to select stores that have wider aisles, making it easier for seniors to navigate, especially with a full shopping cart.

Finally, it is important to remind your loved one to carry reading glasses or even a small magnifying glass when shopping to help read fine print and labels. This tip is especially important for seniors who need to avoid certain foods and ingredients for health reasons.

If you believe your loved one requires accompaniment to the grocery store, contact Home Care Assistance today.  We provide hourly -care in Columbus, ideal for seniors who need assistance a few days a week, including transportation and help with errands and trips to the grocery store.

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