Everything You Need to Know about Insurance, Seniors & Home Care

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Many seniors find that it is very important for their emotional wellbeing to be able to remain in their own home, among their treasured possessions and memories. Unfortunately, age often brings health problems that require specialized medical care or assistance in carrying out common tasks such as bathing and preparing meals. In this case, seeking assistance from a professional home caregiver can allow the senior to remain in their personal home in a safe and comfortable manner.

However, at-home care in Columbus can be costly, making it vital for the senior to be certain that his or her insurance benefits include provisions for home care. Most types of health insurance do not provide home care benefits, but long-term care insurance almost always does! Because of this, a senior should visit with his or her insurance broker in order to fully evaluate how each policy handles home care.

Any long-term care insurance company will conduct due diligence to determine if the policyholder needs Columbus home care. The policyholder should discuss this issue with their broker in order to fully understand what materials will have to be provided to the insurer in order to qualify for home care insurance benefits. A home care company that works with long-term care insurance, like Home Care Assistance, should help you prepare for the claim to be accepted.

Ultimately, determining if an insurance policy covers home care, and just as importantly, what types of home care it provides, requires a careful examination of the policy. In addition, any aging adult concerned about this subject should consider the type of long-term care insurance that will ensure they can live at home forever.

At Home Care Assistance of Columbus, we work with long-term care insurance providers to ensure that seniors receive the care they need and deserve. We offer flexible hourly and live-in home care in Columbus, as well as specialty care to assist seniors who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or Parkinson’s, or have recently suffered a stroke or fall.

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