Eating Tips to Assist Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease

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Eating Tips to Assist Seniors with Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease makes a variety of activities of daily living and basic movement difficult due to uncontrollable tremors, weakened muscles and stiff joints.  In addition, many seniors with Parkinson’s often experience difficulty with eating and swallowing as the disease progresses and they lose muscle strength and control.  Columbus Parkinson’s care offers family caregivers a few tips to help make the eating and overall dining experience more comfortable for seniors with Parkinson’s.

Tips to help with problems swallowing:

  • Thicker drinks such as milk shakes or juices help facilitate swallowing.
  • Try moist or soft foods.
  • Concentrate on swallowing frequently.
  • Swallow 2-3 times per bite or sip.

Tips to help avoid choking:

  • Eat small bites and thoroughly chew before swallowing.
  • Drinking while eating can help moisten whatever is being chewed.
  • Avoid foods with crumbs, such as crackers or chips that may get caught in the throat.
  • Vocal exercises can help strengthen swallowing muscles and minimize choking.

Tips to help avoid drooling:

  • Avoid sugary foods that increase saliva.
  • Frequent sips of water, chewing gum, or sucking on ice chips throughout the day can help you swallow more often.
  • Keep your chin up and lips closed when not chewing or eating.
  • Lip exercises can help strengthen lip muscles and minimize drooling.

In addition to the above tips, Home Care Assistance in Columbus also provides specialty care for seniors with Parkinson’s.  Our expertly trained and certified caregivers assist seniors with eating, exercises, mobility, medication reminders, and we also provide respite to overwhelmed family caregivers.  Columbus Home Care Assistance offers flexible hourly and live-in care options, allowing seniors to choose the care plan that meets their specific needs, while remaining in the comfort of home.

We also provide specialty care for seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s or those who have recently suffered from a stroke.  Our work with both professionals in the medical and senior communities makes us the leading provider of specialty senior care in Columbus.  Contact us today at 614-481-8888 and give your loved one the professional care they deserve.


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