While we often talk about care for those who have diseases, most of our Clients are happy and fairly healthy; they simply face limitations that curtail the way they want to live. Perhaps they no longer drive but still love to go on outings and errands. Maybe the difficulty of getting up and down stairs prevents them from showering safely or doing their laundry. Many times, one spouse needs more care than another, and by having a little help with that care, the couple can spend time together as husband and wife instead of patient and Caregiver.

An extra set of hands

Having a little help at home can go a long way in allowing older adults to retain independence. Because they have an extra set of hands and someone to provide transportation and errands, our Clients continue to live happily at home, making their own decisions and remaining in charge of their own lives.

Custom Care Schedules, Columbus
In Columbus, Ohio Custom Care Schedules

Or care for higher needs

In addition to companion care, Columbus Home Care Assistance hires Caregivers with such high skill levels that they can serve Clients who are suffering from brain injury, Lou Gehrig’s disease, cancer, and other illnesses that compromise their safety, health and mobility.

Endless flexibility

The possibilities for effective home care are endless, and the flexibility so vast that the best step to take is to call our office and schedule an initial assessment.