Chronic Illness: What to do After a Loved One’s Diagnosis

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Steps after Chronic Illness Diagnosis

Watching someone you love experience physical, emotional, and cognitive changes as the result of a chronic illness is heartbreaking and difficult, especially when the person is your mother or father. There are, however, steps that you can take after your loved one’s diagnosis to provide comfort and make the process easier for everyone involved.

Talk with Your Loved One’s Doctor

If your loved one has been diagnosed with a degenerative disease like dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, talk with his or her doctor to determine what future care needs will be and what devices or support services like in-home care in Columbus will likely be required. Taking this step now allows you to learn and become familiar with all care needs and options so your family is not rushed to make a decision in an emergency situation.

Modify the Home

Next, assess the home and make changes to accommodate any physical issues your loved one is facing while also planning for long-term symptoms related to his or her condition. Home modifications can include moving their sleeping quarters as close as possible to the core of the household, meaning there is easy access to the restroom, living spaces, and the kitchen and try to eliminate the need to climb stairs. Also, when making new household changes, keep your loved one’s need for a sense of dignity and privacy in mind.

Understand Your Loved One’s Perspective

Always keep in mind that your loved one is experiencing a wide range of emotions, some of which he or she may not even be able to control. Being dependent on others is always a difficult thing to accept and can make for some interesting adjustment periods so try not to take changes in mood personally. Focus on what remains and celebrate new accomplishments with your loved one every single day.

Find Support for Yourself

Do not neglect yourself. Your loved one is more than their disease and so are you. If they need constant, around-the-clock care, look for respite services. With the help of a professional Columbus live-in caregiver, you can know that your loved one is receiving high quality care and can take time away from your caregiving responsibilities without feelings of guilt. Making time to care for yourself will allow you to feel better and be more energized, so you can be the best caregiver possible.

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