Computer Games Improve Memory

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News from a recent article from the Senior Journal shares that the brains of older adults are very similar to those of young people and have the ability to act as a sponge and change in response to focused training. The article, “Senior Citizens Show Significant Visual Memory Improvement After Brain Training,” said that a “commercial brain fitness program has been shown to improve memory in senior citizens, at least in the period soon after training.” Training includes simple visual tasks that have the ability to boost short-term memory accuracy, which is a quality Home Care Assistance Columbus supports.

Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco were among the first to test cognitive training while measuring changes in neural activity and mental performance. The sample, with an average age of 72, was trained by using a computer game that was specifically designed to enhance visual perception. Baseline working memory tests were administered, which included watching dots move across the computer screen, a short delay, and re-testing to see if the participants remembered exactly how the dots had moved. Sessions lasted for 40 minutes each time and were directed three to five times a week for three to five weeks. The program was also designed so that as a participant’s skill improved, the tasks became more difficult.

The results showcased that after only 10 hours of training almost all were able to “not only improve their perceptual abilities significantly, but also increase the accuracy of their visual working memory by about 10 percent — bringing them up to the level of younger adults.” Scientists were also able to find a direct correlation between improved performance and changes in brain activity. They suggest that if a simple exercise, such as the computer game, can lead to a higher level of function in memory, then other innovations regarding the mind in seniors may be just around the corner.

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