How to Care for a Senior with Incontinence

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How to Take Care of an Incontinent Senior in Columbus, OH

Caring for an elderly loved one brings a unique set of challenges for Columbus, OH, live-in caregivers. One of these issues might include having to help a senior manage incontinence. A few simple tips may make life easier for you and your elderly parent. 

Seek Medical Advice

When someone begins losing bladder or bowel control, consider a visit with a healthcare provider to determine the cause. The problem may be corrected with dietary alterations, medication or certain surgical procedures. 

Talk to Your Loved One

When older adults experience incontinence, they may retreat into denial of the situation from embarrassment. Columbus elderly care providers recommend appealing to their dignity, concern for hygiene and vanity to gently convince them that the need to wear protection outweighs their embarrassment. 

Choose Adequate Protection

There is a wide selection of incontinence products available to the consumer that fit many different needs and circumstances. Discrete pads are applied to the inside of underwear to guard against minor mishaps. Protective underwear or full-sized disposable briefs eliminate embarrassment when the senior no longer has control over his or her bladder or bowels. Reusable waterproof pads on beds or other furnishings help avoid expensive cleaning costs. 

Clear the Path

As loved ones age, vision and mobility may become impaired, which may cause apprehension when traveling from one room to another. In the home, make sure that the path between the bathroom and frequented locations remain obstacle free. In public, scout out and locate restrooms in advance to avoid delays and accidents. 

Customize a Bathroom Schedule

Performing routine bathroom breaks help alleviate bladder and bowel control issues while simultaneously training your loved one’s bladder to stick to a routine schedule. Encourage toilet use every two hours or so and monitor the success. Setting the alarm on a wristwatch to vibrate at predetermined times serves as a gentle and dignified reminder to use the toilet. Loved ones who are cognitively impaired might need more direct encouragement or accompaniment to the bathroom. 

Many seniors can manage their incontinence with help from Home Care Assistance’s proprietary Balanced Care Method (BCM). This revolutionary care method is based on scientific research conducted in Okinawa, Japan, where senior residents experience longevity and vitality. BCM promotes better life quality for seniors by implementing a balanced schedule that consists of healthy diet, regular exercise and socialization with friends and family. Call us at (614) 481-8888 today to speak with a trusted Columbus Care Manager and set up a complimentary in-home consultation.


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