Is There a Link Between Height and Heart Disease, Cancer, or Diabetes?

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Can Height Determine Risk of Stroke, Heart Disease, or Cancer in Columbus, OH?

Though it may seem irrelevant, a person’s height actually has a significant effect on his or her overall health. When seniors are unusually tall or short, they may be at risk for some serious health issues, including heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. By understanding these risk factors, hourly caregivers in Columbus and their elderly loved ones can work with doctors to reduce the chances of developing certain conditions.

Healthcare practitioners have noticed a link between height and type 2 diabetes. People who are tall can eat more food without gaining weight or increasing their BMI, which means they are less likely to develop diabetes brought on by obesity. Seniors who are on the short side should be particularly careful to not overeat, because they will gain weight easier, which greatly increases the risk of diabetes.

Shorter seniors also have a higher risk of developing heart disease. A team of researchers from New England has found that each two-and-a-half inches of additional height reduces the risk of getting heart disease by 13.5 percent, which means that a person who is five feet tall is 60 percent more likely to develop heart disease than someone who is a foot taller. Short people tend to have smaller arteries and higher blood pressure, which can contribute to the development of heart disease. Therefore, shorter seniors should be particularly careful to manage their blood pressure and heart health to avoid needing in-home care in Columbus.

Being tall is not always good news, though. Dr. Emelie Benyi conducted a study in Sweden that showed tall people are more likely to get cancer because they have more cells within their bodies. A greater number of cells leads to a greater risk of mutated cancer cells, which means that for every four inches of additional height increases cancer risks by 11 percent. Tall seniors should be particularly vigilant with skin, lung, and breast cancer screening

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