Nanoparticle Therapy: Can It Treat Cancer?

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Paving the Way for Cancer Treatment with Nanoparticle Therapy in Columbus, OH

Providers of live-in care in Columbus work hard to help seniors with cancer manage the effects of their treatments. The unpleasant side effects people experience after receiving typical treatments like chemotherapy and radiation may one day be a distant memory for those with cancer. The latest breakthroughs in eradicating malignancies involve using microscopic laboratory-made tools called nanoparticles.

Nanoparticles are minute structures that are designed to carry medications or perform specific tasks. Though created in various shapes and sizes, the average nanoparticle is approximately the same size as a virus, which can easily enter microscopic cells. The particle frame might be made using a polymer-like material that acts as a biodegradable container for cancer medication. The exterior is then camouflaged using water-like or semi-fluids, which do not attract the attention of antibodies and thus remain in the bloodstream until reaching their intended target.

Dartmouth University researchers recently developed nanoparticles created from iron oxide molecules. Once the particles entered the body and reached the targeted tumor, scientists used magnets to heat the iron oxide to the precise temperature for approximately 30 minutes. The heat effectively destroyed the tumor cells on contact without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

The innovation also introduced startling but welcome results. After heating and destroying the cells in one tumor, killer T-cells in the immediate area somehow communicated with other T-cells throughout the body. These cells in turn began attacking other malignant cells that occurred as a result of metastasis. This astounding event helped scientists come to an understanding of how therapies might be used to train the immune system to better protect the body from cancer.

When cancer cells break free from the original tumor, relocate, grow and reproduce in other areas in the body, they are often much more difficult to treat. Though oncologists have some idea as to where these cells might relocate, there is no way of knowing how many cells might travel through the blood at any given time and the number of additional tumors that might emerge. Having a more effective antibody army will interfere with these invaders and keep cancer from spreading.

When seniors are diagnosed with cancer, chemotherapy and radiation are currently the most effective treatments available. With any luck, this recent breakthrough will make cancer treatment and recovery much easier and produce fewer unpleasant side effects. Until then, seniors and their family caregivers can turn to Columbus Home Care Assistance for help. We provide flexible live-in and hourly home care to help seniors manage their cancer symptoms in the comfort of home. Our expertly trained caregivers help seniors maintain independence while helping them with activities of daily living. Call us today at (614) 481-8888 to learn more about our services and schedule a free consultation.


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