Why Social Seniors Are Happier & Healthier

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Why Social Seniors Are Happier & Healthier

Humans are social creatures. We are fundamentally wired to feel whole and happy with our circumstances when we are connected to others. Through romance, friendships, and casual relationships, we find self-fulfillment and the true meaning of our lives. This is no less true for aging adults. Arguably, it is even more important in old age, when the fulfillment – or lack thereof – of basic psychological and social needs can have an oversized impact on one’s health and quality of life.

Today, we know more about the importance of social interaction for older adults. Researchers have found that it is consistently one of the most important indicators of physical and mental changes in the elderly. It’s not just a matter of being bored, or even lonely. It is a matter of feeling alive.

Benefits of Social Interaction

Social seniors have all the fun. They enjoy diminished risk of dementia including Alzheimer’s, depression, and physical conditions from heart disease and cancer to osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Lower blood pressure and healthier lifestyles combine to make social elders much better off than their less social peers.

Conversely, the consequences of social isolation are great. Social interaction is like an essential vitamin whose absence causes all sorts of problems. Low levels of social activity are correlated with faster mental decline, more psychological disorders and ultimately, increased risk of death.

Optimal Social Engagement

Social interaction is important throughout life, but for too many aging adults, it is most needed when opportunities to experience its benefits drop off. That’s why we believe the best in-home care in Columbus begins and ends with meaningful social connections. Social interaction is a basic human need with big benefits. Feel free to give us a call at 614-481-8888 and learn how we make sure our senior clients enjoy optimal social engagement for a better a quality of life.



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