Beta Blockers Stave Off Alzheimer’s

By 8  pm on

Beta blockers, a commonly prescribed blood pressure medicine, has recently been shown to fight Alzheimer’s disease in older adults thanks to a study conducted in Japan. Beginning in 1991, the study followed the aging process of 774 elderly adults and were studied after a period of time to see how various medications effected the mind and body. Of the 774 patients, 610 were treated for high blood pressure using typical medications, while only a few were giving beta blockers. The ones given beta blockers showed far fewer brain abnormalities than those not taking beta blockers, leading scientists to begin looking at their effects on degenerative illness, such as Alzheimer’s.

While prominent scientists claim it is premature to make judgements about the effectiveness of Beta Blockers on Alzheimer’s disease, they say it is a promising look at how it can be used in the future. Alzheimer’s affects 5.4 million people living in the United States, and researchers are confident much progress will be made soon, in regards to Alzheimer’s treatments.


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