Why Are Low-impact Exercises Good for Elderly Adults?

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Low Impact Exercises for Seniors

Daily exercise is a good thing for seniors and elderly adults. However, physical limitations can discourage some seniors from getting as much exercise at they should to help with things like increased mobility and joint and muscle strength. Still need some convincing? The Columbus elder care specialists at Home Care Assistance present just a few of the reasons why low-impact exercises can be good for seniors after getting the all-clear from their doctors:

  1. Reduced Risk of InjuryMany seniors reduce their physical activities because of an understandable concern about getting injured or aggravating existing conditions. Again, seniors will want to check with their doctors first, but many low-impact exercises (i.e., walking, simple stretches, swimming) involve very little risk of injury and when performed on a regular basis, can actually help to reduce risk of injury in the future.
  2. Better Cardiovascular Health – Many seniors are at an increased risk for cardiovascular issues with age, which is another reason to consider adding some cardio to one’s daily schedule. Aside from many preventative benefits, low-impact cardiovascular exercises can also help seniors with a predisposition to heart disease. Even elders already diagnosed with heart disease can benefit from doctor-approved exercises.
  3. Healthy Weight Loss – Elders who transitioned from an active life to a more sedentary existence tend to experience gradual weight gain that can lead to health issues. The solution is to incorporate some low-impact exercises into one’s daily life along with some dietary adjustments. For instance, if an older adult cuts about 400 calories from his or her diet and bikes for about 30 minutes a day, he or she could lose about a pound per week!
  4. Reduced Risk of Joint Damage – Inactive seniors face an increased risk of developing joint issues over time. Low-impact exercises can strengthen the joints, tendons and muscles while reducing the odds of hip fractures and problems with ankles and feet.

Embracing low-impact exercises can be as simple as joining a structured class with other seniors or picking and choosing activities on one’s own time. Regardless of your aging loved one’s preference, there’s no denying that he or she will benefit from regular exercise at a level matching his or her capabilities.

If your aging parent or loved one requires assistance or supervision with his or her exercise regimen, consider help from a professional hourly caregiver in Columbus. Highly trained caregivers can assist your loved one with physical fitness exercises, and can also help with other household tasks, personal care needs, medication reminders, transportation and so much more.

To request more information about senior fitness or to learn more about in-home elder care in Columbus, reach out to a friendly Care Manager at Home Care Assistance of Columbus today at 614-481-8888.


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