When Your Loved One Retires: 5 Ways to Stay Busy

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Top Activities for Retirees

Retirement is called the golden years for a reason, and it can be the best time of seniors’ lives. Unfortunately, part-time Columbus home care professionals see many seniors get stuck in a rut and spend a great deal of their retirement years bored at home. Here are five fun activities and hobbies seniors can enjoy during retirement that help them stay active, make new connections, and retain a sense of purpose.

1. Volunteer
Many retirees have trouble transitioning to a more relaxed lifestyle and want to put a lifetime of skills and knowledge to use. Donating time as a volunteer is a satisfying form of community involvement that also helps seniors connect and make friends.

2. Develop a Hobby
Often times, working full-time makes it difficult to fully enjoy a hobby. After retirement, there’s plenty of time to learn or develop a hobby such as painting, cooking, learning an instrument, or fishing. Leisure hobbies offer much more than entertainment. They can also provide a wealth of psychological and health benefits.

3. Make Home Improvements
With children out of the house, time on their hands, and financial security, many seniors spend their first few years of retirement completing home improvement projects they have dreamed of for years. An unused bedroom can become a craft room, a kitchen can be remodeled, and flooring can be replaced. Along with maintaining the value of the retiree’s home, home improvements can also encourage physical activity and provide a more enjoyable environment.

4. Travel
When asked what they want to do during retirement, travel is one of the most common answers among baby boomers and recent retirees. Not all travel needs to be expensive or to an exotic location. Seniors can enjoy their retirement with weekend getaways, camping, and road trips.

5. Attend College Classes
Being retired doesn’t mean college days need to be over. Many colleges and universities offer low-cost or even free courses for seniors. Along with taking credited classes to earn a degree, seniors can choose to audit a course, which means all of the education with no exams or college credit. This is a great way for seniors to learn more about their passions and support a healthy, active mind.

Some retirees become less active as mobility challenges increase. If you believe this is the case for your loved one, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We offer customized care schedules and can provide your loved one with the help and support needed when needed most. Our highly trained caregivers can provide transportation to social engagements, offer mobility support, and are a constant source of companionship. Call (614) 481-8888 to learn more.


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