We’re proud to be the only home care solution that emphasizes active caregiving and improved lives. We also are the only company in Ohio that specializes in live-in care, which allows older adults to remain forever at home, no matter their limitations.

Based in Upper Arlington, we serve all of central Ohio with many home care Clients in Upper Arlington, Worthington, Clintonville, German Village, New Albany, Bexley, Westerville, Gahanna, Dublin, and our other wonderful communities.

Our mission at Home Care Assistance is to change the way the world ages™. We do that by developing innovative programs, awareness campaigns and educational resources that promote healthy longevity for seniors and advance our mission. Here are just a few ways we are striving to fulfill our mission:

  • Our Balanced Care Method™ approach to aging: Based on the scientifically studied lifestyle choices of the longest—and healthiest—living population on Earth, our Balanced Care Method emphasizes healthy nutrition, physical and mental exercise, and a purposeful and calm lifestyle. Moreover, it helps promote optimal quality of life and contributes to longer, happier and more productive lives for older adults. Ours is the first senior care solution with an emphasis on healthy longevity.
  • Our Healthy Longevity Webinar Series: Our series showcases experts from a diverse spectrum of health and wellness fields in an engaging web-based format. The premise driving our webinar series, offered free to the public, is that individuals who are well-informed will make better health decisions, become active partners with healthcare professionals in promoting their own health, and encourage loved ones to engage in healthy lifestyle behaviors also.
  • Our Senior Wellness Book Series: We are proud to offer three books (and growing) in our senior wellness series, Happy to 102, The Handbook of Live-In Care, and From Hospital to Home Care. Available on, our books are highly regarded as valuable resources for anyone interested in learning more about healthy longevity and senior care.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility:  We are committed to partnerships and charitable relationships with nonprofits and foundations that share our commitment to health, wellness, and quality of life. Whether it’s partnering with local senior centers to host educational seminars, providing our Caregivers as support for the Walk to End Alzheimers, supporting the extensive activities of the National Parkinson Foundation, our involvement is designed to help ensure the longevity of the many important programs provided to the older adults in our community.

Together, let’s Celebrate Longevity.