5 Natural Steps to Boost Kidney Function

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Kidney function is a crucial piece of your overall health. Each about the size of a fist, the kidneys are responsible for filtering over 50 gallons of blood per day. They discard waste and toxins out of the body while regulating blood pressure and maintaining electrolytes, such as potassium and sodium.

In honor of National Kidney Month, here are five easy steps you can take to naturally boost kidney function without spending a dime:

  1. Drink plenty of water with proper technique: Although it is very important to drink plenty of water, you can actually harm your kidneys by drinking too much at one time. Often when feeling thirsty, one may quickly drink an entire glass of water, which may feel satisfying but can overwork your kidneys by feeding them too much fluid at once. The best practice for consuming fluids is to drink slowly throughout the day, one mouthful at a time. This will relieve pressure on your kidneys and actually increase hydration.
  2. Step into the sunshine: Another important function of the kidneys is to produce active vitamin D. By soaking up the sunshine, you let your skin do all the work by absorbing vitamin D from UV rays, which saves your kidneys from the additional work.
  3. Relax: It is widely known that stress reduction has resounding benefits for your overall health, but feeling more relaxed also has a direct effect on your kidneys. The adrenal glands that release hormones to counteract stress are connected to the top of your kidneys, so relaxing will give your kidneys a much needed break.
  4. Avoid alcohol: By definition, alcohol is a poison that particularly affects the kidneys. Since the primary job of the kidneys is to cleanse the blood and fluids in your body, alcohol must be processed and discarded by the bean-shaped organs. Also, alcohol dehydrates your system, which puts strain on your kidneys.
  5. Eat more asparagus: This delicious vegetable serves as a perfect cleaner for your kidneys. The enzymes and vitamins in asparagus help boost kidney function while soothing the entire urinary system by eliminating excess fluid and cleaning the bladder.


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