25 Ways to Improve Memory, Pt. 1

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We all have those moments when we can’t find our car in a crowded parking lot or we frantically search for our keys as we rush out of the house. Memory problems plague everyone, but they are especially prevalent as we get older. Before you sign yourself up for a support group, check out these stellar memory-improvement tips. Finding your keys just got a little easier!

  • Embrace the Wii: Interactive video games have become popular for family members of all ages.
  • Schedule a weekly game night: Mind stimulation is great, but making it fun kicks it up a notch. Board games such as Scrabble or chess involve a great deal of mind activity and are inexpensive, effective tools.
  • Join a club: To keep your mind active and improve your memory, take part in a group activity like an investment club, card group, or political activism committee.
  • Learn a new language: Learning a new skill (such as a new language) “wakes up” your brain and can lead to new connections being made.
  • Play a jaunty tune: Playing or singing music is a powerful way to help all parts of the brain work together. It involves coordinating motor, auditory, emotional and visual brain systems along with verbal and nonverbal memory.
  • Take your vitamins: “I have found that taking B vitamins increases memory retention,” says Karon White Gibson, RN, co-author of “Nurses on our Own” (AuthorHouse Books, 2000) and host of radio talk show “Outspoken with Karon.”
  • Learn for life: Learning is crucial to enhancing brain activity. The next time you visit the library, bypass the fiction section and explore an area you’ve never encountered before.

Try making one or a few of these tips part of routine and come back next week for part 2 of “25 Tips to Improve your Memory,” for more ideas!


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