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Tai Chi / Sleep Tight

According to an article from NaturalNews, older people who practice tai chi on a regular basis sleep better and more soundly at night compared to those who do not participate in the exercise.

In the article The Elderly Sleep Easier with Tai Chi (http://www.naturalnews.com/024605_elderly_the_health.html ) by David Gutierrez, participants took a sleep survey and were instructed to practice 20 simple tai chi moves a day. A control group took the survey then participated only in an education class to learn about healthier sleep, diet and stress management habits.

Researchers from the David Geffen School of Medicine at the UCLA published their results in the journal Sleep, where they concluded that “people in the tai chi group showed significant improvement on measures of sleep quality, duration and disturbances.” Lead author Michael Irwin said this could lead to improving life for a large array of people, since a majority of people 59 or older self-report sleeping difficulty at least a few nights a week.

The researchers also learned that tai chi not only improves quality of sleep, it also has benefits over other forms of exercise because of the “gentle, flowing movements that are neither difficult nor dangerous for the elderly.” Irwin said it’s a form of exercise that is possible for virtually every older adult. Since poor sleep is a common problem, Home Care Assistance Columbus believes in the power of exercise to help combat get a healthy night’s rest.

Sleep tight!